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Carleton Watkins


Series of 10

stereoviews by Carleton Watkins, from mid 1860s.

William Notman


Thirteen stereoviews of Montreal and Niagara Falls by William Notman.  Late 1800s.


E. & H. T. Anthony

Six stereoviews from the 1860s of Washington D. C. and Central Park in New York City. 



Eleven stereoviews of Colorado scenes by Chas Weitfle.  From the turn of the century.



Sixteen stereoviews from late 1800s - early 1900s of black scenes and people.


Nineteen Keystone stereoviews of ethnic subjects/scenes from the turn-of-the-century


Stereoviews, or stereocards or stereographs as they were often called, were the rage in the USA and
Europe after about 1851. Popularized by the introduction of the stereo viewer (invented in 1859 by,
of all people, Oliver Wendell Holmes), stereoviews were to be found in virtually every home
by the end of the century.  Of the millions of cards produced, only a handful remain rare.
Rarity, obviously, is determined by such criteria as subject matter, historical circumstance,
photographic process, photographer, publisher or availability.  The cards presented here tend to fall into
more than one of the categories of rarity. 

All photographs presented here are authentic and original stereoviews.  

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