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    Colorado Scenes by Chas Weitfle


"'THE DOME, Head of Boulder Can"
ST CO970

"THE FALLS of North Boulder Canon"
ST CO971

ST CO972

ST CO973

"'THE RUINS Garden of the Gods"
ST CO974

"GEORGETOWN, Colo., (East of Rose St.)"
ST CO975

"Pike's Peak from Manitou Park"
ST CO976

"GEN. GRANT'S TRAIN.  Royal Gorge, G. C."
ST CO977

ST CO978

"PERPETUAL SNOW, Summit Pike's Peak"
ST CO979

"WALLS OF GRANITE.  Grand Canon"
ST CO980

Reverse of Cards

Stereoviews of Colorado by Chas Weitfle

Information about Charles Weitfle can be garnered from the backs of this series of cards.  He worked out of Central City, Colorado in the 1870 -1890s. There is a notation that Weitfle was awarded the Silver Medal of the Colorado Industrial Association in 1878 and 1879.  By that time he boasted Over 500 Different Vews for the Stereoscope or Graphoscope.  The two cards of Boulder and Vacinity (ST CO970, ST CO971) are Stereoscopic Views on Line of C. C. R. R. The grouping that includes numbers ST CO973, ST CO974, and ST CO979 are Stereoscopic Views on Line of Denver & R. G. R. R.  The remaining six (ST CO975, ST CO976, ST CO977,
ST CO977, ST CO98,
and ST CO980) are labeled Stereoscopic Views of Colorado Scenery.
These cards are 3 7/8 x 7 inches, and have a very slight curve.  They are probably from the mid 1880s to 1890.  The images presented are scans of the actual cards.

This collection was just acquired by Chas. Weitfle's grandson.

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