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William Notman Photographs


"Church of Messiah, Montreal"
 No. 67
ST WN930

"View from Tower of Notre Dame Church, Montreal"
"Looking North - with Montreal and City Banks"
No. 53
ST WN931

"Court House, Montreal"
No. 59
ST WN932

"Montreal, from the Reservoir"
"Looking South West"
No. 449
ST WN933

"Frothingham and Workman's Iron Stores, Montreal"
ST WN934

"Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal"
No. 47
ST WN935

"St Andrew's Church, Montreal"
No. 68
ST WN936

"View from the Tower of Notre Dame Church, Montreal"
"Looking North-West, with St. Andrew's, St. Patrick's, and Christ Church"
No. 51
ST WN937

"Victoria Bridge"
"Northern Entrance"
No 33
ST WN938

"Suspension Bridge, Niagra, Railway Track"
No. 352
ST WN939

"Instantaneous Views of Niagra
"The siwftest (sic) part of the rapids between Goat Island and the American Shore"
No. 352
ST WN940

ST WN941

"Pumpkins and Indian Corn"
No. 103
ST WN942

Typical Verso

Stereoviews of William Notman of Montreal

William Notman was Canada's leading 19th century photographer.  Working primarily out of Montreal, Notman eventually also worked in northeastern U.S.A., often utilizing teams of trained Notman photographers. For example, in 1875 Notman  prepared the yearbook for Yale University which contained 37 original albumen prints of campus scenes and no less than 146 original cabinet cards of graduating students and faculty, a set of original prints for each book.  Although the major portion of his work was devoted to portraits, he also did landscapes, street scenes, and city views across Canada. Over the years the business expanded to include two studios in both Montréal and Boston with studios in Toronto, Ottawa, St. John and Halifax as well as several in New England. Notman began his business about 1860, died in 1891, and his sons continued to run the studio until 1935.

The stereocards pictured above are typical Notman images, and were created in the period 1860-1865;
although several may have been printed later. Each has the card's unique number
and title printed on the back. The cards measure 3 1/4 x 6 7/8 inches.

The 1875 Yale University Yearbook described above is also in the possession of Imagi Gallery. 
Please contact the gallery for more information.

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