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Carleton Watkins Photographs


"Black Point from Russian Hill, S.F."
 No. 3727
Watkins' New Series
ST CW900

"Cliff House and Environs, San Francisco"
No. 3619
Watkins' New Series
ST CW901

"Bartlett Alley. Chinese Quarter, S. F."
No. 3752
Watkins' New Series
ST CW902

"Residence of Gov. Stanford.  California St.  S. F."
No. 3702
Watkins' New Series
ST CW903

"U. S. Branch Mint.  S. F."
No. 3683
Watkins' New Series
ST CW904

"The Palace Hotel, from Market Street, San Francisco"
No. 3572
Watkins' New Series
ST CW905

"Yosemite Falls, 2630 feet,
No. 1065
Watkins' Pacific Coast
ST CW906

"Mirror View of Pompompasos, or the Three Brothers"
No. 42
Taber Pacific Coast Views
ST CW907

"The Lower Yosemite Fall"
No 1069
Taber Pacific Coast Views
ST CW908

"The Domes from Moran Point. YOSEMITE"
No. 812
Taber Pacific Coast Views
ST CW909

Stereoviews of Carleton Watkins

There are three publishers noted on the cards: Numbers 3702, 3727, 3619, 3752, 3683 and 3572 are marked, "Watkins' New Series of Pacific Coast Views, 427 Montgomery Street, S. F."  Number 1065 is marked as a "Watkins Pacific Coast 22 & 26 Montgomery St., opposite Lick House entrance, San Francisco."  (Watkins moved to this address in 1871.) Numbers 42, 1069 and 812 are identified as "Taber Pacific Coast Views.  No. 8 Montgomery Street Opposite Palace and Grand Hotels, San Francisco."

It is known historically that Watkins' Yosemite views were originally created between 1862 and 1869.  In 1875 Watkins lost his photographic gallery as well as its inventory to one I. W. Taber who continued to distribute Watkins' work under the Taber label. Watkins then began revisiting locations he photographed in the 1860's. He called these views "Watkins New Series" and started numbering at 3000. The series begins with views of Yosemite, just as his original series started. The first six cards shown above are from this work.

 The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 destroyed Watkins studio
along with the negatives of his life's work.

All of these cards are original Carlton Watkins albumen photographs.
These original cards measure 3.5 x 7 inches; they are orange on the front and pink
on the back, with no back markings. They are all in excellent condition. 
The cards shown above are scans of the actual cards.

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