Vintage Historic Photographs

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Vintage Stereoviews



"Playing for High Stakes"-
ST BL980

"Down in Dixie"
ST BL981

"Alabama Snowballs"
ST BL982

"Among the Cotton Bales, Ga."
ST BL983

"Cotton Bales in Alabama"
ST BL984

"Dem Brats Done Gone and Stole dat Melon"
ST BL985

"I Bet dis am a Good One"
ST BL986

"I'se  Gwine to Tan Yo'r Hide"
ST BL987

"A New Coon in Town"
ST BL988

"Dis am the Pick of  dat Patch"
ST BL989

"Some Come to Look but not to Eat"
ST BL990

"Cutting Sugar Cane, Louisiana"
ST BL991

"Tell Me Dat You Lub Me Darlin' Dina"
ST BL992

"A Shave and a "Shine" at the Same Time,
Camp Tampa, Fla. U.S.A."
ST BL993

"Cotton is King, Plantation Scene,
Georgia, U.S.A."
ST BL994

"Little Black Me"
ST BL995

Stereoviews of Black Subjects

Stereoviews of black subjects were relatively common at the end of the 19th century
and they served as curious peeks into the "foreign" culture of the black communities,
peoples no longer living in tight slavery, but certainly not allowed into mainstream culture. 
They are vividly descriptive and revealing of the attitudes towards blacks commonly
held in America, which today is seen as extremely rude and racist,
but which remained unchallenged until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. 

The first 12 cards (ST BL980 - ST BL991) are photo-lithographs with four colors ad
They are part of a grouping published together probably around 1890.  ST BL992 is a Keystone View Company card dated 1898, a photographic print on a heavier, curved stock. 
3 is published by Strohmeyer, Wyman Publishers and sold by Underwood and Underwood.  Dated1895, it is also a photographic image, separate parts, on a heavy stock and
slightly curved.  On the back is the title in six languages: English, French, German,
Spanish, Swedish and Russian (!).  The last card,
ST BL994, is also a Keystone View Company
card dated 1904.  It is also a photographic print on a 3 3/8 x 7 inch heavy stock card, slightly curved.

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