Historic Photographs
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Shasta Springs, California
R. J. Waters, photographer
c. 1910
ST CO970
The image is 118 x 180 mm on a mount measuring 178 x 228 mm.

San Francisco Bay, California
R. J. Waters, photographer
c. 1910
ST CO971
The image is 118 x 180 mm on a mount measuring 178 x 228 mm.

When the Central Pacific acquired the California Pacific and rerouted its transcontinental line to Benicia, it needed a way to get its trains across the narrow but deep Carquinez Straits to Port Costa. In 1879, it built the giant car ferry Solano, which could carry an entire freight train or two passenger trains. Solano carried on alone until 1914, when the Southern Pacific built the Contra Costa (II). Both boats carried on until 1930, when a railroad bridge from Benicia to Martinez opened. Solano was the largest ferry on the bay.

San Francisco Bay, California

R. J. Waters, photographer
c. 1910

ST CO972
The image is 118 x 180 mm on a mount measuring 178 x 228 mm.

Sitka, Alaska
Lloyd V. Winter and Percy E. Pond, photographers
ST CO973
The image is 113 x 192 mm on a mount measuring 144 x 221mm.

Havana, Cuba
Photographer unknown
c 1890 - 1900
ST CO974
The image is 94 x 145 mm on a mount measuring 110 x 165 mm.

San Francisco, California
Carleton Watkins, photographer
c. 1875 - 1880
ST CO975
Carleton Watkins was the famed photographer of San Francisco and Yosemite Valley, later to become Yosemite National Park.  His images included mammoth plates of the California landscape, stereocards revealing the beauty of the landscape and the city, and a smaller number of "boudoir"- format images, including this image, of select scenes in the city.  This card places Watkins' Studio at 427 Montgomery in San Francisco, which address he used beginning in 1879.  Having lost his business including his negatives to bankruptcy in 1875, this image must be placed between that date and several years after opening at 427 Montgomery. The view presented in this photograph would have been destroyed in the 1905 earthquake and fire, which also destroyed all of Watkins lifetime of work. The image is 128 x 198 mm on a mount measuring 132 x 212 mm.

Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand
F. A. Coxhead, photographer
c. 1890 - 1900

ST CO976

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is written into the negative of this down-under beach scene.  The card, obviously, was used as a holiday greeting.  Coxhead was a Dunedin photographer at the end of  the 19th century; his images populate New Zealand archives.  In the lower right corner is a blind stamp that reads "F. A. Coxhead  Princes St Octagon."  There are no other markings.  The image is unfaded; the card is slightly bumped on its perimeter as shown.
The image is 99 x 150 mm on a mount measuring 109 x 165 mm.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Photographer unknown
c. 1910
ST CO977
This delightful image, by an unknown photographer, is hand-colored with extreme precision. 
The round format and embossed mount is typical of the period, designed to appeal to a consumer audience.  The image is perfect, as is the mount card, with only slight bumping on corners as shown. 
It possesses no markings.
The image is 94 mm diameter on a mount measuring 137mm square.

Stettler, Alberta, Canada
Photographer unknown
c. 1906 - 1908
ST CO978
Stettler founded in 1905, and this photograph was taken between 1906 and 1908.  By 1910 this street has many times more buildings and was as busy as a western Canada frontier town could be.  Today this same street sports a Best Western motel and nearby a stands a Wal-Mart.  The maker of this image was probably the new photographer in town. The image is on a postcard mount with standard postcard printing on the verso, but no message.  The title on the front is in the negative, not overwritten the photograph.  The condition is very good. 
The image is 87 x 140 mm. 

Neustadt, Germany (?)
A. Reinhard, photographer
1890 - 1900
ST CO979
The village pictured in this photograph has not yet been identified, only that the photographer, A. Rinehard was from Neustadt  in Germany.  It may well be his home town, but since there were several dozen towns named Neustadt (New Town) in Germany and Austria at the turn of the century, considerable research would be required to determine which it might be, if any.  A blind stamp in the lower left corner reads "A. Reinhardt Neustadt a/H."  The image is unfaded and virtually perfect; the card mount is bumped as shown.
The image is 174 x 226 mm on a mount measuring 195 x 220mm.


Ottawa, Quebec, Canada
A. G. Pittaway, photographer
1875 - 1890
ST CO980
The image is 125 x 165 mm on a mount measuring 203 x 253 mm.

Rocky Mountain National  Park, Colorado
Enos Mills, photographer
c. 1910 - 1920
ST CO978
The image is 80x 134 mm on a mount measuring 92 x 145 mm.

Mt. Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada
Photographer unknown
ST CO978
The image is 175 x 228 mm

Location unknown
K. T. Sheldon, photographer
c. 1890
ST CO980
The image is 114 x 192 mm on a mount measuring 132 x 215 mm.


Location unknown
Photographer unknown
ST CO980
The image is 115 x 195 mm on a mount measuring 201 x 250 mm.

Vintage Landscapes

Either identified places or identified (sometimes historically important) photographers, or both.  Old Homestead/Cabin an exception.  Late 19th - early 20th (1875 - 1920) century images. Shown with mountings, regardless of condition.  Not shown in proportion to each other; sizes indicated,

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