A gallery where significant art and artists are presented to the WWW world.

A somewhat random collection of fine art by a variety of artists, both contemporary and historic.

A website where visitors can browse and enjoy without interference or pressure, yet retaining full access to artists.

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Works, Folios and Collections
A grouping of rare and unusual art pieces. 
Lots of stuff here.


Imagi Rupestre

Fifty photographs of rock art from five continents.


The Doors of Viljandi
Photographs of doors from the town of Viljandi in Estonia 


The Doré Gallery
A grouping of original Gustave Doré wood  engravings printed during his lifetime (1872)


A collection of photographs, mostly by famous photographers


Photographic Portfolios
Eight p
ortfolios of photographs by contemporary photographers



Historic Photographs
Several hundred photographs of famous people and events

History of Photography
of photographic processes
1840 - 1920 2015
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