Firnhaber Digs
Uue-Kariste, Estonia

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Uue-Kariste house from the road. Visible is the west 3/5 of the building,
 most of which is house.  The barn continues to the right out of the picture
 for another 60 ft.  Trees in front are maple.

Cobblestone courtyard in front of the barn main entrance. 
The entire front "yard" is cobblestone but grown over with turf. 
I revealed the area that you see. Visible is 2/3 of the building.

Detail of brick- and stone-work. Corners, window frames, etc. are brick. 
Everything else is un-coursed granite boulders and granite chinking.

West end of house is the main entrance.  Second story is empty. 
Vines cover nearly 1/2 of this facade.

Lake across the road with a dock for fishing, boating and jumping. 

Corner of my living quarters. Presently 1/3 of the entire living space
is restored.  Kitchen, bath and guest quarters are nearing completion.

Restored portion of  house interior.  I built the free-standing
shelf wall to divide living from sleeping areas. 

Jacob Becker piano. 
A 7.5 ft concert grand made in St Petersburg, Russia in 1847. 
Goes into the music/art gallery part of the house, which is
the last section I will restore.


I purchased this place (Kungla Talu) in Estonia in August of 2002.  It was built in the early 1800s, and was originally designed as a "körtsihoone" or country inn, offering accommodations and stables for travelers. It also served as the carriage house and stables for the manor estate, the remains of which still constitute most of the village. The building is c. 150 feet long, half house and half barn/stables  The stone walls are one meter (39 inches) thick.  It is on  6 acres of woods and meadows, on the edge of the 18th century village of Uue-Kariste (population 16).  The village is about 25km south of Viljandi and 20km north of the Latvian border in south central Estonia. Click on maps below.

I spend about half time here each year while working to restore it. 
You are welcome to come, visit, help a little, and enjoy!


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