About This Website

is just that, a gallery.  There are no "shopping carts" for purchasing art here, as with typical web galleries, but there are ways to contact the galleries, dealers or artists represented here and talk with them about purchasing art if you choose to.  Some art is priced, but all sales are finally negotiated by contacting the art representative by email. Please feel free to do that very thing because there are no obligations, actually or implicitly, attached to inquiries. 

       Feel free to browse TheGalerii.com, just as you would do in a regular art gallery.  And above all, enjoy the delightful and growing array of unique and special art presented here. We are new (as you might have already seen) so visit often, because we add new selections and collections all the time.

     Visit all our pages.  Each display will also include email access to the artist, gallery or dealer of the art.  Contact them directly; we do not intercept or interfere in any information exchanges or inquiries. Unless, of course, you have difficulty in your contact; then we can help.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or needs you might have.


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