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Historic Events III



World War II Photographs

"Vast numbers of troops leave 'Dukws' and other landing craft onto the
Continent at Omaha Beach, France.  Soldiers on left are ready to leap into the surf. 
 7 June 1944"

HE WW520

"FRANCE  American assault troops move from their small landing craft into the surf,
and onto the beach,  Long lines of men who preceded them onto the beachhead
file onto the continent, on the Northern Coast of France.  Half-tracks and dukws
indicate the strength in which the forces landed.  The smoke in the background
is from Naval gunfire supporting the landing.
 6 June 1944"
HE WW521

"This U. S. Army Engineer Corps loses no time in building roads after landing
on the French coast 'D-Day.'  Part of the invasion supply fleet is in the background.
6 June 1944."
HE WW522

"FRANCE  Two and one-half ton amphibious trucks of the 470th Amphibious
Truck Co,
1st Engineer SPEO Brigade, bring supplies to the beachhead from ships off shore,
at Utah Beach, Les Dunes De Madelein.  On the right is a German 77mm gun captured intact.
8 June 1944."
HE WW523

"Amphibious trucks bring in supplies, on Utah Beach, Les Dunes De Madeleine, France. 
In return, they take back casualties to the ships for evacuation to England.
6 June 1944."
HE WW524

"FRANCE  Members of an American landing party lend helping hands to other members
of their organization whose landing craft was sunk by enemy action of the coast of France. 
These survivors reached Utah Beach, near Cherbourg, by using a life raft.
6 June 1944"
HE WW525

"A group of American paratroopers in a French village, at St Marcouf, Utah Beach, France. 
From here they will move on into the Continent, accomplishing their assigned objectives.
8 June 1944."
HE WW526

"Destruction to Eglise Sur-Mar, rent by the German Army before they retreated
under the surge of the advancing Allies.  Utah Beach, France.
8 June 1944."
HE WW527

"FRANCE  This is a typical scene of the ruins of Mortain, France, after its capture by
American forces.  The damage was caused both by bombing and artillery fire.
13 Aug. 1944."
HE WW528

"HOLLAND  Paratroopers drift earthward from troop transports participating
in the Allied A/B Army invasion of Holland.
17 Sept 1944."
HE WW529

"Sissonne, France  Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division, First Allied Airborne Army,
spew out of C-47 transport planes in a mass practice jump over an airfield here. 
HE WW530

These photographs are original photos released by The Pentagon as news photos for the American media/press.  Each is stamped "PLEASE CREDIT U S ARMY PHOTOGRAPH." Additionally, each has two stamps on the back: one with the copy quoted below each photo above, and a second with credit and usage information.  They are all 8 x 10s and the images shown are scans of the photographs available.  They are in excellent repair, but come from the working files of the magazines they were published in, hence show some marks and wear.  Please contact the dealer for more information.


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