Imagi Gallery


Future Exhibits


A number of exhibits from the Imagi collections are planned
but  presently unscheduled

  + MASKS AND WOOD SCULPTURES.  Fifty masks and as many folk sculptures from
    around the world

 + CAST- BRASS ICONS made and used by Orthodox Old Believers of Russia,
    Karelia, Finland and the Baltic.  Other Russian and Greek icons as well.

 + FRENCH AND ENGLISH CARICATURES,  typically stone lithographs and wood
    engravings  printed in the 18 -19th century by the leading caricaturists of the day.

 + GUSTAVE DORÈ WOOD ENGRAVINGS.  The most popular and prolific illustrator of
    the 19th century.  Originals printed from his wood cuts during his lifetime.  From a
    collection of over 400.

 + NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY accompanied by rugs and artifacts. 

 + MARILYN MONROE.  Original silkscreens by Bert Stern from her last photo shoot.

 ENGRAVINGS OF UNCLE TOM'S CABIN  (1852 copper engravings (26) by Geo.
    Cruikshank and 1888 wood engravings (9) by George Thomas).

 + WOOD ENGRAVINGS  (c 1870) of The Inquisition Against the Vaudois
 + HONORÈ DAUMIER.  Original lithographs and wood engravings.  Published between
    1830 and 1879. From a collection of over 88.

 + BEASTIES.   Photographs by R. Paul Firnhaber of animals around the world. 
    Accompanied by folk sculptures of animals from the Imagi collections.

 + GEORGE CATLIN  engravings and chromolithographs from his American West
     work.  Plus Native American art and artifacts.

 + OFF-THE-WALL (and sometimes) OUTSIDE-THE-BOX. An assortment of odd,
    obscure, unusual and fun art.

 + 19th CENTURY STEEL ENGRAVINGS primarily of period British paintings.

    Originals by  Weston, Strand, Curtis, Sieff, Frith, Notman, Coburn, Watkins, Jackson,
    Disderi, Brady, and more.

 + HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY with many examples from 1839 to the present.
    Daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cartes de visite, stereoviews. albumen prints,
    silver prints up to the present.  From a collection of over a thousand.

 + ANCIENT ARTIFACTS.   Egyptian, Coptic, Persian, Indian, Palestinian, North,
    Central and South American,  African, Chinese, European, Russian, Roman, Grecian,
    Mongolian, Australian, etc.

 + EVALD OKAS. Signed ex libris prints from a collection of over 50.

 + RUGS AND TEXTILES including 20th century hand-made mid-eastern rugs,
    American patchwork quilts, Bolivian Aymara weavings, and a variety of examples
    from India, China, Mexico, Bali, Tibet, Nepal, and including Navajo rugs.

 + DORÈ ENGRAVINGS OF RABELAIS.  1870 engravings by Gustave Dorè of
    Françoise Rabelais' The Works of Rabelais.  Collection of 48.

 + THE DOORS OF VILJANDI.  Twenty four photographs by R. Paul Firnhaber of the
    wonderful doors of old Viljandi.

 + GYP.   Books, art and artifacts of Comtesse Gabrielle Mirabeau Martel, a controversial
    19 - early 20th century Parisian artist and writer known as Gyp.

 + STEREOVIEWS.   Several hundred (100 quite rare) stereoviews.

 + FOLK / OUTSIDER ART by untrained artists.  Paintings and sculptures, including
    American whirligigs.

 + AMERICAN PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURE primarily by contemporary artists.

 + ESTONIAN ART AND ARTIFACTS gathered during the collector's brief sojourn in

 + WILLIAM HOGARTH prints dating from his lifetime through mid -19th century.  As
    original as they get!

 + RARE OLD  BOOKS  collected over many years

 + JOSÈ FRANCISCO BORGES WOODCUTS. Contemporary Brazilian folk artist.

 + MOVIE STILLS, so-called generically.  Black and white glossy prints from movies,
    of actors and musicians, and of historic personages and events. From a collection
    of many hundreds.

 + JOHN KAY ENGRAVINGS.  18 - early 19th century miniature portraits of
    Edinburgers by an early outsider artist.

 + LIFE magazine covers (74) of notable, famous and notorious persons in the news
    from early 1930s to the present.   
+ TIME magazine covers (113) of the same genre and period.

    artifacts documenting the bison / buffalo struggle, 19 - early 20th century.

 + REINDEER AND PEOPLE OF THE REINDEER.  Similar historic collection regarding
    the arctic reindeer.  17 - 20th century artifacts.

 + EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN PRINTS by printmakers of note and fame. 
    Originals by Warhol, Kostabi, Põllu, Daumier, Corita, Curtis, Beaufrere,
    Rauschenberg, Baskin, Dali, Leger, Maillol, Parrish, Meissonier, Neiman, Picasso,
    Hogarth, Kay, Borges, Cruikshank, Gillray,  Rowlandson and the like.

 + WILLIAM ROWLANDSON.  Early 19th century hand-colored aquatints from
    The Tours of Dr. Syntax
and the English Dance of Death.

 + DANCE OF DEATH.  A collection of original prints and artifacts from the 500 year
    history of art of the classic Dance of Death.

 + MORE as time goes by.LK /