G A L L E R Y  

Imagi Gallery is a small gallery in Viljandi, Estonia
It presents exhibits primarily from the art and artifact collections of R. Paul Firnhaber,
an American cultural historian living in Viljandi.  Exhibits are complemented with a
 large book and film collection and occasional lectures, presentations and discussions. 

The gallery is located at 80 B Tartu Street, and is open on Saturdays and Sundays
from 1 to 5 pm, or by appointment. Call 536 77566.

Click   to learn about the current exhibit, as well as past and future exhibits. 
Special events are also noted here.



thegalerii.com is a series of virtual exhibits of art and artifacts from
the personal collections of R. Paul Firnhaber.

Some are presentations of exhibits previously held in museums and
gallery venues, while many are individual pieces or small collections of
works the collector finds important.

thegalerii.com is always growing and must be seen as a work in progress,
so visit it frequently. 

Click   to go to thegalerii.com



  TheGalerii.com,  ArtZineInternational and  Imagi Gallery are projects of IMAGI INC.