Selections from the 1880 Edition of
The New Gallery of British Art


"Drawing the Net at Haweswater"

From the Painting by Jacob Thompson, J. C Armytage, Sc.




"Arabs of the Bishareen Desert"
From the Painting by Henry Warren, F. W. Topham,



"The Infant Bacchus"
From the Painting by M. A. Shee, T. Vernon, Sc.



"The Attack"
From the Painting by William Holman Hunt, F. Heath, Sc.



From the Painting by A. H. Burr, Lumb Stocks, Sc.


From the Painting by G. Lance, W. Taylor, Sc.



"The Columns of St. Mark, Venice"
From the Painting by R. P. Bonington, J. B. Allen, Sc




"A Stormy Sunset"
From the Painting by H. Dowson, W. Chapman,


"The Pool of the Thames"
From the Painting by A. W. Callcott, W. Miller, Sc.



"Watts's First Experiment"
From the Painting by Marcus Stone. Herbert Bourne, Sc.



"The Royal Princess: Children of George III"
From the Painting by John Singleton Copley, R. Graves, Sc.



"A Lake in Cumberland"
From the Painting by Philip James De Luoutherbourg, W. Richardson, Sc.



Steel engravings were made in the late 19th century as a means of reproducing art prior to the use of photographic methods.  A painting was "sculpted" on a steel plate by a craftsman known as a "sculptor" (Sc.).  Often, and it is usually the case, the paintings preceded the engraved print by decades.  These particular engravings  were published to present a history of British art.   Although they are not technically "original" works of art,  they represent a specific and unique niché in the art world, and because of their relative rarity, are highly collectible. 

These prints are in near perfect condition, and are accompanied
by the original page that tells the story of the work. 
The prints are c. 11 X 15 inches with ample borders around the image..



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