Woodcuts by
L y n d   W a r d


Alec Waugh's

Hot Countries











The nine images shown above are full-page illustrations / woodcuts from the first edition
of Alec Waugh's book Hot Countries published in 1930.  They measure 5 x 7 inches. 


Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward is an American artist and storyteller. Born in 1905, he is best known for  his first novel God's Man: A Novel in Woodcuts published in 1925. He went on to publish five graphic novels in total, of which Vertigo was the last and the most ambitious.  He illustrated some two hundred books including Alex Waugh's Hot Countries.  He is considered one of the finest American wood engravers of the 20th century.
Ward died in 1985.

Self Portrait 1927

Hot Countries by Alec Waugh

Waugh (1898 - 1981) is a British novelist, brother of the more famous writer Evelyn Waugh, who wrote 53 novels between 1917 and 1978. Hot Countries (1930) is more than a travel book even though it presents first hand impressions of such tropical destinations as Tahiti, Martinique, Siam and Ceylon. It is also an intriguing historical document, a record of the places portrayed and an impression of the attitudes of the time.

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