"Christopher Columbus
Discovers America"
  Lithograph, S/N AP 15/75


"Gateway to the New World" 
 Lithograph, S/N AP15/75  


"Christopher Columbus Discovers America" and "Gateway to the New World" constitute a Suite of Two prints entitled "Dali Discovers America."  They were published by Levine and Levine in New York and pulled in Paris in 1979. They are described, technically, as "lithographs of original gouaches and original lithographic remarque by transfer paper," on Japon Nacre paper. "Christopher Columbus" is numbered (A/P 15/75) and signed in pencil; paper size is 20 7/8 X 29 3/4 inches, and the impression is 17 X 22 7/8 inches.  There is slight damage on verso-top where hinges were removed.  "Gateway to the New World," (also titled "Tarot: the Jack of Swords") is identically matched to "Christopher Columbus" in markings,
paper and image size, with similar hinge-removal damage on the back
plus a 3/4 inch tear on the bottom where there is some slight crimping.
A 1982 appraisal is available on both prints.



"Dream of Christopher Columbus"
Lithograph S/N 123/300

"Dream of Christopher Columbus"
 was created originally in 1959.  This lithograph is signed and numbered (123/300) and printed on Japon Nacre paper, 25 X 35 1/4 inches.  The impression is 22 1/2 X 29 3/4 inches. 
The print is in perfect repair.



Lithograph. S/N 192/195

This print we have titled "Untitled" because there are no markings indicating a title, is a lithograph 21 1/8 X 30 inches with the image measuring 16 1/8 X 21 7/8 inches.  It is signed and numbered (92/195) in pencil.  The paper contains a watermark on the upper left "Arches France" with a "infinity" sign (the figure 8 on its side).  The remains of two hinges exist on the top/back; otherwise the print is in perfect repair.


"Apocalypse Horse"
Lithograph, S/N 150/250

"Apocalypse Horse" is the title penciled on verso of this lithograph.  It is signed and numbered (150/250) in pencil and is described as a one-color (black) lithograph with six colors hand-painted in watercolor over the black.  The plate measures 14 1/2 X 23 1/2 on 22 X 30 paper.  It possesses an "Arches, France" watermark, upside-down and backwards on the lower left corner. It is in perfect condition.



"The Combat"
Lithograph, S/N 132/250

"The Combat" is a two-color lithograph (black and blue), signed and numbered (132/250) in pencil on paper measuring 22 X 30 inches.  The image is 12 1/2 X 20 1/2 inches.  There are no other visible markings on the print which is in perfect condition.


"Earth Goddess"
Lithograph, S/N 106/350

"Earth Goddess"  (1980) (penciled title on verso) is a lithograph measuring 18 X 22 1/2 inches.  It is signed and numbered (106/350) in pencil.  There is a watermark on the lower right "Arches, France" plus a chop on the lower left with "Atilier Dumas, Inc. New York" in a circle, and a second chop below the first,
"Dalari N.V, Copyright 1980."  The print has remains of hinges
on the top/back but is otherwise in perfect condition.



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