B u f f a l o
 K a p l i n s k i



"Lodgepole Roots, Yellowstone National Park"



Colorado artist Buffalo Kaplinski is a profound colorist and major figure in western and southwestern landscape painting.  He usually creates "on-the-spot" paintings of his scenes which are sometimes/often rendered in larger paintings in the studio.  His "on-the-spots" are wonderfully fresh and exciting. 

This "on-the-spot" was done in 1976 in Yellowstone National Park
in Wyoming of a tree snag sticking out of a stream.  It is 8 x 10 inches
and framed to 14 x 16 in an exceptionally fine hand-made frame
(by Denver framer, Robert Finney; marked on the frame). 
  The following is written on the back of the canvas board :


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