F r a n k   S w i f t   C h a s e



“Autumn Oaks 1911”



Frank Swift Chase (1886-1958) was a early 20th century landscape painter headquartered
in upstate New York and Massachusetts  who became first regionally, then nationally important. 
His works reside in major northeastern American museums. 
Interestingly, Chase's brother is the grandfather of the American actor Chevy Chase.

Painted in oil on canvas  board.  8x10 inches.  Signed in black on lower right
 “F S Chase ‘11.”  It appears to have been painted over another image, with dark green peeking
out on top edge. Markings on verso, include the words “Autumn Oaks" handwritten twice in cursive,
in pencil, plus “#7” and “Price $55.00” in ink. then crossed out, plus a large “4” in pencil with
drawn circle around it, and the word “Pitiatch” (?) in pencil. Unframed; edges slightly worn. 


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