Leaping Frog  



"Leaping Frog


L A W R E N C E   B R A U N


For the past twenty five years, Larry Braun has focused most of his
artwork on the world of motorsports.
A charter member of the
Automotive Fine Arts Society, he is one of the most recognized artists portraying the history and form of sporting automobiles in art metal.

But he has not always sculpted cars, motors and car-sports personalities.  His earlier pieces were of aquatic life: fish, whales, amphibians and sea life.  The reason for this shift is not clear, but what is clear is that his early work, although not a large opus and difficult to find, is extremely nice work.

This piece, the "Leaping Frog," was done in 1974 during the height of his aquatic life period.  The bronze frog is 12.5 inches long, and the walnut base 5 x 7 inches.  It is in an edition of seven of which this is number five.  It is signed in the bronze, "L Braun 1974 5/7."  The delightful exaggeration of several of the frog's features renders the interpretation extremely nice. 

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