G r e g  S p r u n g l

Kosovo Portfolio 2004



Old Man, Kosovo

Serbian Farmer, Kosovo

 Farm Wives, Kosovo

Hay Stacks, Kosovo

Church, Kosovo

Farmer, Kosovo

Children, Kosovo

Old Women, Kosovo

Old Men, Kosovo

Peace Keepers, Kosovo

reg Sprungl has been photographing for 40 years and recently
 spent two years in the Balkan country of Kosovo.  This portfolio of images is a glimpse into the simple but rich lives of the rural peoples of that torn country,
and the traditional lifeway they are struggling to maintain. 

The photographs are archivally hand-printed to 8 x 10 inches and mounted and matted to 14 x 18 inches.  Each is signed, titled and numbered by the artist.  The portfolio of 12 images is boxed.

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