J A M E S   F R A N K



Red Door
At Cyunsi, a Buddhist Nunnery in Chongqing
CH22  10 x15 inches


Burning Insense
 At Cyunsi, a Buddhist nunnery in Chongqing
CH18  10 x15 inches


 Mountain in the Mists
Above the Yangtze River of the Qutang Gorge near the city of Fengjie
CH21  10 x15 inches


Ba Woman Harvesting Rape
In the fields along road to Wanxian

CH 16  10 x15 inches


Landscape at Dusk 
Near Zigui in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze
CH 25  10 x15 inches


Couple With Chairman Mao Poster
  Near Zigui in the Three Gorges of Yangtze River
CH10  8 x15 inches


Boy Beneath Stone Arch
Town of Dachang on the Daning River in the Lesser Three Gorges
CH09  10 x15 inches


Worker in an Orange Circle
Outside city of Fengjie in the Qutang Gorge, Three Gorges of the Yangtze
CH07  10 x15 inches


 Sweet China Soul
84 year-old Ba woman on way to Wanxian in the Yangtze River valley
CH06  11 x14 inches


Ba Farmer
Man carrying harvested rape (canola) along road to Wanxian

CH05  10 x15 inches


Terraced Hillsides
In the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River
CH14  10 x15 inches


Farmer Cultivating Field
Farming a flooded field with water buffalo along road to Wuxi

CH02  10 x15 inches

J a m e s  F r a n k

A well-known and respected photographer in the US, Frank here presents a portfolio of images from the heartland of modern China. Frank sees with sensitivity and skill and translates what he sees into images that go beyond what is simply apparent.  He transforms everyday life in rural China into metaphors
of the tenacity of an ancient culture. Frank's images are full of strength and hope.

 These images are available as individual prints or as a portfolio of the twelve shown. Prints are limited to editions of 50, signed and numbered,
plus 5 artist proofs.  Prints are unmounted and unmatted unless otherwise ordered.  Sizes are indicated below each image. Images are printed on Moab Kokopelli Satin paper with Epson ProStylus 4000 printer with Ultrachrome inks.

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as well as a portfolio of all twelve images.

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