Edward  Weston


"Nude on Dunes, Oceano 1936"



Edward Weston is, without doubt, the most important figure in the history of photography. His vegetable portraits and nude studies continue to be not only the hallmark of his work, but the finest studies, within these categories, in the discipline.

In 1936 he made a series of figure studies of Charis Wilson on the Oceano Sand Dunes near Los Angeles.  These six images remain among the finest ever created.  The image presented here is the highlight of the grouping of six, and competes with Pepper No. 30
as his most honored (and valuable) image. 

Before he died in 1958, as his health was failing, Edward taught his son Cole to print his negatives. Cole printed a very limited number of his negatives after his father's death until about 1980 when the the negatives were retired to the Center of Creative Photography in Tucson.  Cole Weston died in 2003.  Weston's negatives will never be printed again.

This print is a posthumous print and was printed by Cole Weston
in the mid-1970s.  On the back of the mounted print is stamped "Negative by Edward Weston.  Print by /s/ Cole Weston," signed in pencil "Cole Weston." It is a contact print of an 8 x 10 inch negative, mounted on 13 x 15 inch museum board and archivally framed to 13 x 15 inches.  The print is perfect.



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