Wm. Henry Jackson
Photographer of the American West



"Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde" 1899


No. 53050
 "Hotel del Coronado, California" 1899



No. 53054
"California.  Magnolia Avenue, West Riverside" 1899



No. 53030
"Mission San Gabriel, California" 1899



Jackson's photochromes were produced in the late 19th and early 20th century by his Detroit Photographic Company as a method of making color images available to the mass public.  These are Jackson's photographic prints with colors applied lithographically.  The images are 7 X 9 inches. 
Photochromes are quite rare.

The "Cliff Palace" image is the first photograph ever taken of that site
when the Wetherill brothers took Jackson there in the 1870s. 
The Wetherill brothers are visible in the photograph.




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