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"Twinka Thiebaud, 1970"



This is one of the most famous images of one of America's leading contemporary female photographers. Judy Dater photographed Twinka Thiebaud on a number of occasions, and in 1974, four years after this image, she did the now-famous image of Imogen Cunningham
photographing a nude Twinka.

The print is signed in pencil on the mount board beneath the print: "Twinka, 1970, For Rick, Judy Dater."  Dater's copyright stamp is on the verso.  "Rick" refers to Rick Koopman, a Colorado photograph dealer who obtained the inscribed print from Dater in the middle 1970s. The present owner has had the print since immediately after that event.

This silver print is 9.5 x 12.25 inches, mounted on 16 x 20 inch board, matted and framed archivally to 16 x 20 inches.  The print is perfect.


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